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If you Hustle, can you make your story, a success story?

How hustling relates to any success story? Like wha..? Well, during this ongoing quarantine phase, I came across this Netflix series called Better Call Saul. Now since its spin-off of Breaking Bad, it’s obviously more fun to watch if you have seen the main series. But let me give you only the juicy part that relates to our topic. The lead character James McGill (Bob Odenkirk) goes from being slippin’ Jimmy to Charlie Hustle, ultimately becoming Saul Goodman. All thanks to a series of crazy happening in his life.


It all starts in the mailroom of HHM, a law firm where his elder brother Charles McGill is a partner. The other partner Howard Hamlin is a huge patron of elder brother Charles McGill. Howard is the only one to call Jimmy “Charlie Hustle” given his extreme dedication to get his Lawyer’s license meanwhile keeping his full-time job at the mailroom at HHM. Which meant studying nights plus weekends for the BAR(a mandate for Lawyers) and finally clearing it on his third attempt. And all this is while living in the storeroom of a nail salon as he could not afford an apartment.

This being the very first thing that caught my attention, to Jimmy himself it never felt like a hustle, it was always the other people who named it a Hustle. Why ? because he was too busy working towards his goal! and sure as hell got it, by making the right changes, doing sacrifices he made his story, a success story!


Now as the series progresses, there is a ton loads of Drama, suspense and purely amazing. Sometime in Season 3, things get ugly for Jimmy as he got suspended for a year. Meaning he cannot practice law during this period which was his only means of income at this point.

Sad? Yes, but does that stop Jimmy? It did not! Here is a conversation that happens between Jimmy and Kim Wexler who at this time are sharing an office space. Kim is rightfully worried about not being able to afford the expensive office space they had taken on a lease. To this Jimmy responds with,

We talk about getting rid of the office, the day I cannot show up with my half of the rent.


Hence begins another hustle, which becomes a turning point in his life and he becomes Saul Goodman, rest is history.

The whole point of this was to show that if you keep “hustling”, never give up on your goals and yourself, you can change the way your life is right now. For doing that you don’t need the How’s, or When’s because you have to be busy figuring out the Dos. This is how you make your story, a success story.

Now, let’s look at a real-life example. He is someone who is an author, a businessman, a former politician and is well known for his exemplary role in The Terminator series. And has a thick Austrian accent…

Any Guesses?

YES! I am talking about Arnold Schwarzenegger. Who also gave this amazing life-changing speech sometime in 2015, where he shares 5 rules to be successful. You can look it up on youtube and it will blow you away!

He talks about his vision to become Mr. Universe and how he made it happen with no luxuries, hustling between acting classes, work, and gym! Oh! and while we are at it, let’s not forget him coming from a completely different family background.


With him having a vision and having the determination to Hustle we all know how it turned out for Mr. Schwarzenegger. I am not saying it’s easy to work from 9 to 5.

I am saying that it will take a hustler with a vision, to start working on their skill an hour after he gets home. Maybe sleep 5 hours and start for work the next day, making his normal story, a success story!

It will take a hustler to build up his start-up while keeping his main job for steady income. It will take a hustler to balance work and personal life, meanwhile making videos for their Youtube channel.

So, the choice is yours, which one is it going to be? Charlie Hustle ? or Charlie too cool to Hustle?


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