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The Top 5 Hypocritical things we all do, is that bad?

Yes, you read it right, “things we all do” and I have listed only some of the Hypocritical things we all do and it stops us from achieving our simple goals, and the funny part is we don’t even realize it because we trick our brains into believing that it’s not the right time! Now I am not saying it is a sin, but it would impact your credibility amongst friends, over thinkers like myself and not to mention the dent it puts in your self-confidence. It will do you good to reflect once in a while and see for yourself how often we all do it.

Know this, there will never be a right time, there will be no sign from the universe telling you to go ask out that girl you have been meaning to, start that diet you have been meaning to or start working on the certification that can boost your salary.


Remember! It’s you who has the power to turn your life around, and yet here you are sitting and feeling sorry about not grabbing that opportunity that came your way 2 years ago or how you wanted to start investing when the Bitcoin was still cheap or how you wasted all these years instead of doing the thing that you still think is worth you time! What stops you from doing it? and blocks us from achieving our simple goals?

It’s never too late! and If you live with this Golden rule for the rest of your life, you will free yourself from all that procrastination that kept you from doing what you want to.

Okay, enough of the yapping Indiandamsel, let’s dive in shall we?

1. Denying to like any Social Gathering

Remember that time when you moved to a new city and your friend invited you over for a gathering at her place? and you probably were hiding behind your phone to avoid conversations? and what happened when someone walked up to you and struck a conversation? You started talking to them and could not shut up!

More than once in my life, I have met people who have accepted it and have agreed to feel a little intimidated by the first impression is the last impression theory, yeah that’s kind of true but not worth procrastinating and missing out on a fun Saturday night meeting new people.

Now I am not saying don’t check your phone at all, ofcourse there can be an emergency y’all


2.Want to get that Beach Body

Scrolling through your Instagram feed and thinking

Oh boy! I need to go back to that perfect shape I had 5 years ago,You know what I am gonna join the Gym, go for a run everyday, and I’ll get back at it in no time !

Now the procrastination kicks in, and I try my best to paint a picture here of how you are having a conversation with yourself in your head:

But wait!! I don’t have the gym wear, Damn !! Okay, I need to shop first and then go at it.

Best case scenario you went to the mall the very next day and got yourself the hot yoga pants, sexy sports bra, matching sweatless tee and you are good to go! You set up an alarm for 5:00 AM the next morning and cozy up in your blankie, and then …

But Wait! I don’t have the right running shoes, argh! Damn, I need to shop again! Oh no!

And by the time you are ready with all of the stuff you lose the motivation you had at the beginning of all this, and this is the problem! We all want to look the best versions of ourselves but never really end up working for it, and then ultimately give up finding excuses like exams, work pressure, bad weather, and mood swings. When you make a commitment to yourself, you stick to it! Period.

3. Want to get a Healthy Lifestyle

You know what, I am going to start a Detox diet starting Monday (probably the one on “never- th” week from now), let me look up some websites that have the subscription service I can sign up for

*2 hours and reading 8 Blogs later*

Do I have the budget? okay let me just delay it to next month and I am going to save up this month, and I am good to go! Wow I got this all figured out! Yayy!

*Pats themselves on the back, and treats themselves with a Pizza and loaded french fries *

Sounds familiar? the whole point of the above solo was to give you a reality check, just in case that was unclear, here’s a meme for ya


4. Not being happy with the way the Government works

Oh yeah! This one has been my favorite and am guessing this will stay at the top. There are people with no professional capacity and zero functional knowledge of how things work in an Administration, and keep complaining How Modi Ji runs things around the Indian Government, calling him an Anarchist and what not!

Well, do they make any efforts whatsoever to voice their opinions? Instagram story rants don’t count, God! *major eye rolling*

So either stop whining about it or make some genuine effort to change that, maybe become a Journalist or become a part of the Government or Hell! become the Prime minister, you will have my vote (no you will not, duh)! and do things your way and see how things work in real life when you have to run a country! Until then, please stop spamming your poor followers.

Oh, and there are some who take the cake, the ones who Don’t even vote! The standard excuse being “What’s the point of voting, it’s all rigged !” C’mon! (tired of rolling eyes, but still does it)

5. Complaining about how expensive Apple products are

I am sure you have met people who would agree to this in a heartbeat and yet end up buying the same because its a style statement, or maybe they just got used to it, and will keep repeating how they spent fuck loads on the latest iPhone they got, and probably look down upon the unfortunate ones who are still stuck with older models and could not upgrade.

For this category, though I have known people who don’t give in to this craziness and they have my respect!

P.S. I fall in the former category. (see what I did there?)

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